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Your company is part of a growing global network where vision, ideas and experience know no boundaries.

At this moment your company is running or just about to start a business internship or employee exchange program, where business colleagues from other countries come to Montreal to share techniques and information and investigate how Canadian companies operate.

Liaison Training Centre, Montreal's premier language training school, can be part of this major learning experience. Language experts at Liaison will put together a personalized language training program to compliment your own business internship/exchange program.

Our job is not only to teach languages to a high standard but also to be flexible. We know the world of business is a busy place. We will fit in with your company's exchange program schedule.

Please contact us for more information. info@liaision.ca

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If you want your document or file to be translated by a professional translator, please complete the following form. Document Translation within 48 hours.

André St-Pierre of Royal & Sun Alliance .

"I am now more comfortable and confident when speaking English in a variety of situations," says Mr. St Pierre.
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