Writing or translating a document is often not enough. Presentation, suitability and consistency of style, grammatical accuracy, spelling and page layout all affect the clarity of your documents and the impression they make on their readers. However professional the writer, a professional editor can make all the difference to the final appearance and impact of your document.

Liaison's editors are all qualified professionals who will give your documents the polished finish you need. Whether it is a question of smoothing out the writing style, preparing the layout for printing or simply proof-reading, whatever your editorial needs, we are here to help.

Send your document to us, by e-mail: info@liaison.ca, or any other means, for a speedy quotation, or call or e-mail us to discuss your project.

What Editing Services does Liaison provide?

We will do any or all of the following:


The editor will check for spelling, grammatical, punctuation, typographical and formatting errors.

-Stylistic Editing

In addition to proofreading the editor will check the language for

  • clarity: : that the meaning is clear, that the language is easy to understand and does not contain unnecessary jargon, and that it reads smoothly;
  • style and tone: that the style and tone of the language are appropriate for the document and the reader, and they are consistent..

-Structural Editing

The editor will ensure that the content and structure of a manuscript are clear and logical, re-organizing it if necessary, and suggesting changes or drafting new sections.

What documents do you accept?

Everything, including:

  • presentations
  • reports
  • contracts and business agreements
  • brochures
  • web sites
  • letters and memos
  • academic dissertations and theses

Whatever your document, send it for us to evaluate.

In what format should the document be sent?

As you wish. We accept almost anything, including:

  • e-mail attachments
  • CD
  • diskettes

using all the more common software applications, and of course faxed or mailed hardcopy.

Can we be sure our documents remain confidential?

Absolutely. All our staff, both administrators and translators, are committed to keeping your documents secure and confidential. If, however, you need further assurance, we will gladly sign a confidentiality agreement guaranteeing this.

What are your rates?

This will depend on the amount of editing required. When you send us your document we will give you an estimate within 24 hours. We can also do rush jobs. Using the Editing Quotation Form will make the process easier.

I have a question.

Then give us a ring to discuss your needs. Or e-mail us at info@liaison.ca with any queries you may have. We are looking forward to working with you.

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