The Liaison Training Centre Business Language Course Program is geared to those students with a business background or those who intend to make the world of commerce their career. The emphasis is placed on business oral and briefing skills; writing including reports; correspondence and summaries; reading and comprehension. Intermediate and Advanced levels are offered.

Liaison can also tailor these courses to meet the needs of modern executives. Courses can be designed for groups or one-on-one.


English is the world's number 1 language and is the undisputed means of communication, both written and spoken, for the global economy. In simple terms a high standard of English is now required to be successful in one's chosen career through the world. Citizens of our global world are now increasingly aware that this ability to speak current, effective English translates into personal and financial rewards.

The primary focus of today's 21st Century English is North American Business English. This has become the benchmark for the English language industry.

There are currently over 20,000 schools world-wide specializing in teaching English as a second language. In any one given day there are probably in the vicinity of 25.000 jobs available for qualified TESL (Teaching as a Second Language) teachers is every country around the globe.

Liaison is a leader in preparing future TESL teachers for the demands of teaching North American Business English throughout the world. Liaison's proven methodologies ensure professional success for accredited graduates of our unique program. Contact us for more information.

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André St-Pierre of Royal & Sun Alliance .

"I am now more comfortable and confident when speaking English in a variety of situations," says Mr. St Pierre.
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