Click here to learn more about English Courses Courses are offered at eight levels, from Beginner to Advanced. The emphasis throughout is on conversation within a modern business setting. Written English course modules can be included for certain levels.
People who wish to improve their general level and knowledge of French in order to better communicate at work can benefit from the courses offered for their level.
Courses are offered from Beginner to Advanced levels. The emphasis throughout is on conversation within a modern business setting. Certain courses listed are geared to Spanish varieties spoken in certain Latin American countries while others deal with written communication.

Language training at Liaison Training Centre is about business. Language training courses in English, French and Spanish are geared to those students with business backgrounds or those who intend to make the world of commerce their future careers. Emphasis is placed on business oral and briefing skills; writing including reports, correspondence and summaries; reading and comprehension. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level courses are offered.

Liaison can also tailor language courses to meet the needs of modern executives. Courses can be designed for groups or one-on-one.

Liaison language courses are offered at the client company's place of work at hours which are entirely convenient to the client. Liaison emphasizes individual or small group instruction. This highly personalized approach ensures that each student's language needs are met. Liaison's highly qualified teachers create a stimulating learning environment where each student's learning potential is maximized.

To deliver quality training, Liaison's training development specialists arrange a preliminary meeting with the company's training staff and students to identify their goals and needs. Staff subsequently use this exchange of requirements to customize a program that not only meets the students' expectations but also broadens an employee's skill base through our training techniques.


At Liaison the very highest quality of language training is our constant goal. For every course quality control of the entire training package is maintained throughout the period of the contract. The following quality control measures are built into all Liaison training:
  • At the beginning of the contract a qualified training development specialist liaises with the training staff of the client company to determine in detail the overall training requirements and to assess the type of course to be given to each group If necessary, a more detailed user-needs analysis can be arranged.
  • A qualified language training specialist in the chosen language evaluates the level of each student for both written and oral proficiency levels.
  • The selected language teacher contacts the client company's training staff to design a training program geared to meet group training requirements.
  • The language teacher then meets with all students on the first day of the course to ensure that the course design meets the language needs of all students.
  • The language teacher is then provided with a mandate to:
    • meet the established training standard by the end of the course; and,
    • deliver the training in the most stimulating, knowledge facilitating manner using the latest training methodologies.
  • The language teacher must ensure that the quality of training is consistently high throughout the contract training period. Liaison's training development staff will work with the language teacher to facilitate this.
  • By the end of the course the language teacher must ensure that the course training program meets and exceeds the overall training standard.
  • The language teacher must also ensure that all students are completely satisfied with the quality and delivery of training. A detailed course wash-up sequence with student course evaluation performa is held on the last day of the course and is forwarded to Liaison's training development department for further processing.
  • If necessary, follow-on refinements or major improvements to the training program will be initiated.
  • The language teacher writes a comprehensive training report on each student with recommendations for further language training.
  • Liaison's staff sends end-of course reports plus certificates for all successful students to the client company's training staff.
Liaison's training development specialists can assist your company's training staff to design and conduct specialty or ad hoc courses. For more information see the section on Training Development.

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