Liaison teachers are simply the best in the language training business. Not only do our teachers have the highest professional qualifications, teaching for them is a vocation, a way of life. Liaison teachers are highly effective communicators and knowledge facilitators and are all selected for their strong interpersonal skills. Liaison teachers think outside of the box; they deliver success.

All Liaison teachers are, in academic terms, highly qualified professionals who possess many years of both teaching and business experience. Many hold post graduate or doctorate degrees. In addition to their academic qualifications, all of our teaching staff are chosen to ensure that they provide the highest standards of training - the pursuit of excellence, which is a Liaison hallmark.

The Liaison Pedagogical Committee includes the Board of Directors and the three Departments Heads. Their collective responsibilities involve:

  • Developing innovative, effective teaching methods
  • Preparing didactic materials
  • Implementing new programs
  • Keeping abreast of the latest technology

Marguerite Boivin has almost twenty years experience in teaching French as a first and second language. A specialist in languages with an undergraduate degree in Art and History, Ms. Boivin has a post graduate degree in Linguistics. In the course of her highly productive academic career she has also developed many innovative teaching methods and has a depth of organizational experience on several administrative committees. Ms. Boivin is fully versed in the areas of training and linguistics as well as being very knowledgeable in many other associated fields. Liaison Training Centre is very proud and fortunate to have Ms. Boivin on our team. for more details

Gary Dover has many years of experience in both the delivery of training and training development, and teaching English as a second language has become second nature to him. His undergraduate degree is in Social Psychology and while serving in the British Army he attended the prestigious Staff College at Camberley in the U.K. where he acquired his post graduate degree. Mr. Dover is a specialist in technical writing as well as creative writing. He is well read, has accomplished many goals in different areas and was awarded a Commendation for Excellence in Intelligence Training while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. We are very honoured that Mr. Dover is on our team. for more details

Lidia Cuccia has a qualification in linguistics as well as extensive business experience in the areas of psychology and human resources. She has over twenty years of experience in teaching Spanish and English as second languages as well as conducting top-level language courses for several internationally recognized companies. She has also run language programs for several government departments and universities in South America.

Lidia's expertise also lies in the fields of course development and course design. She is also a well-respected translator, interpreter, and language and pedagogic consultant in both Europe and the Americas. Lidia is currently developing a comprehensive Spanish language program for industry. In her pursuit of excellence, she is currently up-grading her education at Concordia University. Liaison is honoured to have Lidia Cuccia as it's Spanish language head consultant for more details.

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