A company's greatest asset is its people. Only human intellectual capital determines success and generates revenue.

One reality of the global workplace is that companies must now work smarter to compete; that people must do more with less. Another is that learning is not solely confined to the traditional school house. Learning has to be a life-long process. People often divide their days between delivering results and learning new skills to stay on top.

With regard to the overall training function, small companies usually run into a dilemma: They know that for their employees knowledge and its higher form: wisdom are extremely important commodities for success and that despite all, they have to get involved with the delivery of these intangibles: training. However, training per se does not necessarily produce immediate results and often draws valuable resources away from either producing things or delivering services.

The result is that training often takes a lower priority, with the training department being undermanned, often with one or two people charged with an enormous mandate to design and deliver training for everyone.

Liaison's Training Development specialists can help and make a difference. Liaison's experts will assist a company's training staff to:

  • Make a thorough user-needs analysis of the overall training requirement
  • Find the right Subject Matter Experts (SME) to both develop and deliver training
  • Develop and refine the Training Standard
  • From this produce the Training Plan and identify the training resources required
  • Produce the Lesson Plans and develop the study/reference material
  • Run a pilot course
  • Run train-the-trainer programs if necessary
  • Evaluate the success of the pilot course
  • Make necessary changes
  • Deliver training to meet the original requirement
  • Validate training
  • Ensure a high standard of continuous training by working with teaching staff, reviewing training material and output

Liaison's Training Development specialists can help your company trainers to set up and run training. Contact us for more information. info@liaison.ca

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